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Resources For Therapists

Starting Your Own Private Practice? Not sure where to start?

What I wish I had known when I started. Ever feel like everyone knows how to do this except you? That is how I felt, and when I found some resources, it seemed like everyone had already found those, too. One of the most maddening things I came across was the free offers for advertising, EHR, credit card processing, therapist directories, etc. that were offered for new customers. Ugh! By then I had already made some choices and could not take advantage of any free offers. So I am hoping to get these offers to you before you decide. Many months from now when you begin a paid subscription, I may also get a free month, but I am only listing offers for things that I use and believe in.


  • Psychology Today - Receive 6 months free if you are a new customer. After you begin a paid subscription, I can get a free month! Send me an email and I will send you the link. (

  • Simple Practice - Receive a free month and a $50 credit when you start a paid account. I will also get a $50 credit.  Send me an email and I will send you the code ( This only works if you are not currently using Simple Practice with a free trial or paid account. Everyone gets a one month free trial - just make sure to use this code when you set up the free trial.

  • Square Reader - We both receive 6 mos free, up to $1000 in free fees! 

I am available to consult with therapists trying to start their own private practice. Having learned many things the hard way, I would like to help others streamline the process and make a comfortable living as your own boss. It is a lot easier than you might think, to start and run a private practice. I can help you get started from scratch if you don't have an NPI or CAQH number, or if you have those, I can help you get credentialed with insurance panels. $50 per insurance company.  I can help you develop a website, a google presence, business cards, flyers, get listed on therapist directories, create a profile that works and even set up your phone to ring privately on your cell. I offer affordable rates and flexible plans because therapists deserve to work for themselves instead of having to rely on large group practices that take an unfair percentage of your hard earned money. I want to set your practice up so that you can run it or outsource, but so that you are never dependent and in the dark about your credentials again.

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