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Sand tray therapy offers a wide variety of methods, from the exploration of feelings through fantasy, working through trauma to sensory activities and the development of cooperative relationships.

Treatment For

Anxiety & Depression

Sand Tray Therapy uses the sand tray to assess, diagnose, and treat a variety of disorders. Research shows that sand tray therapy can help increase emotional expression while also reducing psychological distress in the treatment of anxiety, depression and many other childhood disorders.

Treatment For Anxiety & Depression

The Inner World Of A Child

The Sand Tray therapy technique allows children to create their own world in the sand tray, which offers the psychotherapist an intimate view into their internal world. Here, the therapist learns about how the child relates to others and their self. Working within the internal world allows for individualized interventions to address therapy goals.

The Inner World of a Child

Sensory Play

Sand and sand tray objects can be used for sensory play as well. Sensory play allows children to explore the world through all five senses, which hastens learning through developing new connections and synapses in the brain.

Sensory Play
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