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Online College Counseling
In-Person College Counseling

Are you struggling to find your way, feeling anxious and worried much of the time? Finding yourself making careless mistakes or trying to find the energy to keep trying? While your college experience will ultimately define your direction, that road can be bumpy for sure. Especially if you are stuck at home, missing your friends and independence, and even if you're able to live on campus, college life looks a lot different? You are not alone! If you are feeling anxious and worried, unable to relax or take your mind off things or having trouble sleeping, there is help. Counseling might be just the help you need right now. Sometimes it can help to have someone who understands the pressure you're under.

Treatment for Anxiety, Depression & Adjustment Issues

If you are feeling anxious, nervous or feeling like worrisome thoughts are controlling your life, online counseling can help. Maybe you are going crazy being home with parents who treat you the same as when you were in high school. It can be difficult to return home to live with your parents after experiencing the independence you had at college. Maybe you are just missing your college life and friends, or struggling to find the energy to focus on school work when the world is so uncertain. Maybe you can't stop worrying about coronavirus and what will happen. These are all normal concerns that many young adults struggle with. Online counseling can provide a feasible solution to keep everyone safe and connected.

Onine Counseling and Therapy

Online Counseling and Therapy

Online therapy can feel strange at first. I know that I am still a little self-conscious for the first minute or two, then it feels okay. I know online counseling isn't for everyone, but it can offer some human connection during this time of isolation. Some people find that teletherapy is more comfortable using their phone instead of video to conduct therapy sessions. I am open to finding a solution that works best for you. I know how hard it is to find the right therapist to work with. That is why I offer FREE 20 minute "get to know you" sessions to help you decide if we are the right fit you are looking for.

Treatment for Anxiety & Depression

Treatment Areas

Many of the college students and recent grads that I work with struggle with some common concerns, such as adjustment to college or returning home, grappling with choosing a major or finding a job, managing school-related anxiety and social anxiety. Some students have a history of anxiety or depression that returns during the college years, while others develop symptoms that were not present before college. Some students are dealing with overcoming challenges and obstacles unique to college students. Sometimes, though, more serious concerns develop and require professional help. I can help. Some common disorders that I treat include: anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, PTSD, mood disorders, personality disorders, fears, phobias and more. Call to schedule your free session now or click below to schedule online.

College treatment areas
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