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Anxiety about CoVID19

Are you anxious about COVID19? Having a hard time controlling your thoughts? Can't stop imagining the worst? Unable to sleep or obsessing about the news? You are not alone. I think everyone is worried, I know I am, but sometimes anxiety about the COVID19 pandemic can feel like it's taking over your life. If you find that your anxiety about coronavirus is all-consuming, keeping you up at night or making it hard to eat and do your normal activities, talking with someone can help.


I offer online counseling and therapy for Illinois residents, From the comfort of you home, with an internet connection and a device you are set to start your online therapy session.


Children are also struggling right now and may react to their own fears as much as the anxiety around them with trouble sleeping, increased irritability or regressed behaviors. Some of these behaviors can include a return of old behaviors, bed-wetting, sleeping with parents, nightmares, thumb-sucking, crankiness, clinging to parents, and more. If you feel that your child's anxiety is disrupting their life, they may benefit from online therapy.

Please feel free to reach out, call me or book online for a virtual therapy or online counseling appointment.

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